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Graduation Requirements


At the end of each quarter, the School office sends home the Report Card and explains each student´s progress. These Report Cards give in detail the student´s academic performance in each subject.


Final Grade and Average Grade

On week 36 Final Grades are given for every subject. They are recorded in the appropriate space on the Report Card. Final grades are to be determined by each teacher according to his/her own criteria, following the guidelines provided by the principal. Average grade is calculated upon the Final Grades. The GPA is calculated for each grade.


Final Exams and Failure

A grade lower than D on the Final Grade of any subject (except Physical Education and Fine Arts) implies that the student must take a Final Exam the first week in September. The teacher will set up the content of this Final Exam according to the guidelines provided by the principal.



On Graduation Day of each school year, Shoreless Lake School Wisconsin grants two special awards. The Father Alfonso Award is the highest. It is granted to students with an Average Grade of A+ or A. The Headmaster Award is granted to those students with an Average Grade of B+.

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