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International Application Guidelines

Shoreless Lake School Wisconsin is a private Middle School located in Sauk City, Wisconsin. All international families seeking admission to Shoreless Lake School for their middle age students need to abide by all national and international rules for VISA requirements, as well as follow Shoreless Lake School requirements for application.

Shoreless Lake School Wisconsin is a day school with no boarding facilities. Parents or legal guardians who will not be residing in Wisconsin with student are responsible for finding legal guardianship during the period the student is attending Shoreless Lake School Wisconsin. The school is not responsible for finding host families or legal guardians for the family.

Students are accepted for a minimum of one up to three academic years. To satisfy the requirements for issuance of F-1 visa, Shoreless Lake School Wisconsin requires international students to submit the following documentation to the Admission Office:

  1. A copy of the Student’s Passport

  2. An English translated copy of the student’s transcript

  3. A statement from the parents assigning legal guardianship if they are not going to be residing in Wisconsin with the student,

  4. A statement from the host family/legal guardian accepting guardianship of the student with acknowledgement that the role of guardianship includes serving as a host home and contact for all school matters that require parental contact

  5. A financial statement showing the necessary funds available for schooling and living expenses. Families are also asked to estimate the cost of living expenses while in attendance during nine months of school (e.g. $1000 / month)

  6. A $250 non-refundable fee is required with all the above documents (SEVIS fee)


Once all documents are submitted, a committee will review the application. If accepted, the family is required to complete appropriate Registration materials and pay a $300 Registration fee (which is a deposit on the first tuition bill).

Once all Registration materials are submitted and reviewed and an acceptance is made, the Admission Director will complete the I-20 Form. Students can expect this process of review, acceptance and I-20 issuance to take at least two weeks.

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