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Student Behavior

Shoreless Lake School Wisconsin will provide an environment conducive to the spiritual growth and development of young people. A standard of conduct is necessary to provide such environment. The Christian should endeavor to avoid practices which decrease his sensitivity to the spiritual needs of the world and endanger his physical, mental, or spiritual well-being.

Code of Honor

A Code of Honor has been established to regulate student's behavior in our school. A student may be expelled from the School for violating the Code of Honor in a serious matter.The expulsion will be decided by the principal. Parents of the students will be notified immediately. Serious offenses to the Code of Honor are the following or others of similar nature:


  1. Frequent and remorseless disobedience to the authorities of the school.

  2.  Constant and grave violation of the schedule of the school.

  3. Leaving the school premises without permission.

  4. Vandalism and destruction of school or other student’s property.

  5. Violence against other students or staff members.

  6. Possession of pornography or dishonest behavior.

  7. Use of drugs or abuse of alcohol.

  8. Theft or robbery.

  9. Promotion of ideas or ideologies contrary to Catholic Morals and Religion.

  10. Poor academic achievement without serious attempt at improving.



Parents are strongly encouraged not to take their children out of school for extended vacations. While homework can be given for planned absences, students are not able to make up instruction by the teacher. If a student is ill or absent, parents should call the Office. IA student who misses more than 10 school days is in danger of failing the grade.


Excuse from Physical Education

In order to be excused from participation in Physical Education, a doctor's note or an explanatory note from parents is required. Our general policy is that if a student is well enough to attend school, he/she is well enough to participate in Physical Education class. If the student is excused from participation, she will sit in a classroom supervised by a teacher. To be excused from Physical Education does not qualify for early dismissal. A Physical Education uniform must be worn to participate in Physical Education classes.

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