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School Calendar

Shoreless Lake School Wisconsin has a 36-week calendar beginning on the Tuesday after Labor Day. Week 37 is Testing Week (T-Week). Graduation takes place the Tuesday following Testing week. 



Besides the Christmas and Easter breaks, we observe the following holidays:


  1. Labor Day

  2. Solemnity of  All Saints (November 1)

  3. Thanksgiving Day

  4. Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (December 8)

  5. Saint Alfonso’s Day (January 23)

  6. Saint Joseph's Feast Day (March 19)

  7. Memorial Day



Each year the School will issue the Official School Calendar. The School Year is divided into four quarters. A Report Card is sent to the parents after each quarter. The Marking Periods are typically as follows:


1st Marking Period: September- November

2nd Marking Period: November- January

3rd Marking Period: January- March

4th Marking Period: March- May


Graduation Day

Graduation Day finds a special place in our Calendar. On Graduation Day, in a public ceremony, graduates receive the graduation diploma and awards for academic success are granted to the students.

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