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Dress Code

Students at Shoreless Lake School Wisconsin wear the School Uniform. 

Uniforms should be clean and ironed, well-fitting, in good repair, and the proper length. As children grow, parents should let out hems or replace items. Shirts should be tucked in. Additional non-uniform clothing may not be worn in classrooms. It will be expected that the student takes proper care of the uniform.

Summer Uniform

  • Burgundy, short sleeve polo (with school emblem on the left side)

  • Light gray skirt (pleated and at the knees)

  • Light gray cardigan

  • Black knee socks

  • Black dress shoes


Winter Uniform

  • Red jacket (single-breast) 

  • White blouse (long sleeves, open necked, single cuff)

  • Red sweater vest

  • Light gray skirt (pleated and at the knees)

  • Black knee socks or black leggings

  • Black dress shoes or black boots

Gym Uniform

  • Yellow t-shirt or gray t-shirt with the school's name

  • Navy blue shorts (to the knee) or loose-fitting navy blue sweatpants

  • White sweat socks

  • White tennis shoes

  • School hoodie

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