Our Name

To those who have chosen the shoreless sea of the divine Love...

Shoreless Lake School Wisconsin addresses itself


  • to those who have received a childlike heart;  

  • who still believe in poetry; who never think of themselves; who are not afraid of great things

  • who have chosen the shoreless sea of the divine Love instead of remaining in stagnant pools;

  • who never measure God with human standards; who look at things without selfishness and with true love;

  • who understand that nobody loves perfectly unless he dies for love of the beloved;

  • who have not turned into prosaic people, ordinary and lukewarm, but who think that the world and the things in it are exuberant with poetry, and that to young people is entrusted the mission of discovering it and singing it.

Shoreless Lake School

Catholic School for Girls

Shoreless Lake School

115 Madison Street

Sauk City, WI 53583

608 370 8081