English C



The study of grammar is valuable in helping students to express themselves clearly and creatively. It enables them to think logically and develops analytic ability. Our Form C English Curriculum using God's Gift of Language C aids the teacher to reach that goal.


Textbooks and Materials


  • God´s Gift of Language C , A Beka Book. This work text provides written practice for the concepts which the teacher has taught and the students have practiced orallly in language class. The Handbook in the back of the work-text provides all the rules in one place.

  • God's Gift of Language C Quizzes and Tests.

  • Oral Language Exercises, provides daily practice to reinforce proper grammar/word usage.

  • Creative Writing, 

  • Language Charts.

  • Sentence Strips


Supplementary Material​

  • Classroom Thesaurus

  • Classroom Dictionaries