Dress Code

Students at Shoreless Lake School Wisconsin wear the School Uniform. 

The girl's uniform consists of the following:

  • red jacket (single-breasted),

  • white blouse with Peter Pan Collar

  • red sweater vest

  • charcoal grey skirt (kick pleats)

  •  black knee-high socks or stockings

  •  black Mary Jane style dress shoes.

Uniforms should be clean, well-fitting, in good repair, and the proper length. As children grow, parents should let out hems or replace items. Shirts/blouses should be tucked in. Additional non-uniform clothing may not be worn in classrooms.  It will be expected that the student takes proper care of the uniform.

Shoreless Lake School

Catholic School for Girls

Shoreless Lake School

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Sauk City, WI 53583

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