History B


History B continues the examination of the developments that led to the emergence of modern Europe and the first age of global interaction.  Students will learn how the Protestant Reformation shattered the religious unity of Europe and about the Catholic Reformation.  They will learn about the rise of France during the XVII century.  They will examine the emergence of Prussia and Russia as European powers and about how the ideas of the Enlightenment materialize in the French Revolution and its aftermath, the Napoleonic era.

1. The Age of Discovery

2. The Beginnings of the Protestant Revolt

3. The Spread of the Protestant Revolt

4. The English Reformation

5. The Catholic Reformation

6. The Rise and Glory of Spain

7. The Age of Evangelization and Colonization

8. The Day of the Catholic Martyrs in England and Ireland

9. The Thirty Years' War and the Rise of France

10. The Age of Louis XIV

11. The Rise of Prussia and Russia

12. Independence of the American Colonies

13. The Enlightenment

14. The French Revolution

15. Napoleon Bonaparte