Religion B


The seventh grade student text, The Life of Grace, builds on the doctrine already taught in earlier grades with an emphasis on revelation, grace, and the moral life.  Seventh graders, facing the onset of puberty, can be idealistic and open to the gift of grace.  At this age they are able to reason and abstract more than in the earlier grades, so The Life of Grace delves into the importance of reason in their lives as Catholics.  In addition, students at this age begin to experiment with independence.  It is vitally important, at this stage of their lives, for students to be taught that the virtues and the Sacraments are practical ways to receive and grow in grace, which will help them live the moral life to which Christ calls them.

The part of the curriculum dedicated to the sacrament of the Eucharist and the Holy Mass will be focused on learning the theology of the Latin Mass.


Student Texts

The Life of Grace, Faith and Life Series, Textbook, Third Edition, Ignatius Press

The Life of Grace, Faith and Life Series, Activity Book, Third Edition, Ignatius Press

Treasure and Tradition, The Ultimate Guide to the Latin Mass, Saint Augustine Academy Press